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Tanami Pro
(205lt drum)
(60lt drum)
(fuel safe & rheem)
(pro quip)
(bmw plastics)
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Tanami Pump in Use

Quickly Transfers Fuel to Your Tank Without
Moving or Lifting Your Jerry Cans or Fuel Drums

Tanami Pro / Canning / Birdsville / Eyre/

Pilbara / Wilcannia / Fraser

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The TANAMI range of Pumps has been designed to transfer fuel, water or other liquids from metal and plastic jerry cans.

It can quickly transfer fuel along a supply hose (under air pressure) to a vehicle fuel tank or
reservoir without the inconvenience of moving the jerry can from its position…….

Also makes a good siphon!

See the Tanami in Action - Video

Tanami - Picture Gallery


Tanami Pro -
(Available in Red or Yellow)

Birdsville (willow) -
(Available in Red, Yellow or Blue)

Canning (205lt) -
(Available in Red or Yellow)

Canning (60lt) -
(Available in Red or Yellow)

Eyre (fuelsafe) -
(Available in Red or Yellow)
Pilbara (sceptre) -
(Available in Red or Yellow)
Fraser (bmw plastics) -
(Available in Red or Yellow)
Wilcannia (pro quip) -
(Available in Red or Yellow)


Tanami Pump Canvas Storage Bag
Canvas Bag


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